Xaverio explains what the Indalo Codex is and the uses of this technique of dynamic meditation for self healing.
How did you come up with the idea of the Indalo?

The idea came observing the prehistoric design of the Indalo. It is a schematic draw used by the human being during thousands of years, and this draw has a lot of information for the holistic health, the ingral health of the human being.

What do you use it for?

How does that work, in your mind?

Our mind has quantic qualities. Quantum physics is talking now about these qualities.
We have the possibility to make real what we think. Related with health, profession, relationships… We have a big power in our mind, and it is possible to use this power for good things, and the best thing I know is integral health.

What elements are in the Indalo system?

The elements are the physical position (it is an open position, with your arms open, standing) and the thought, a little thought we call message. A little message to generate total intention. What you do with the Indalo Codex system is generate total intention.
When you have this total intention you have the possibility to do many things: heal, make a cathedral, or whatever you want in your life. Total intention is very important for many things.

What kind of problems can be solved with this?

It is possible to solve many daily problems, like depression, anxiety, asthma, allergies,
to have a good attitude in your life, give you happiness… It is possible to do many things, it is very universal and versatile.

What kind of exercises… You use breathing and also elements of nature?


Yes, we use the indalo position, standing with your arms open and your legs a little separate and we use the message, the thought, we use breathing, we use the gesture, because many exercises are abstractions of concepts. For example, if you have obstacles in your life you breathe like this. So there are many open gestures to materialize what you need.

Do you always use the same context or sorroundings?

No, in the Indalo we use nature, we believe nature is a very strong element, vital energy is around you. So we do exercises sometimes in a lake, sometimes in the mountain, with the moon, with the stars, with the milky way, with a rainbow, in the river… depending on what the person needs. There are special places with power. When I lived in America, the Indians talked about “power places”. Every place has a special energy, and we have the possibility to use these energies better with the Indalo exercises.

Do you only use static exercises, or you also do exercises with movement?

We do different kinds of exercises. We do kind of therapeutic walks, and during these walks we do different kinds of exercises in contact with nature and we enjoy the landscape and the place where we are. There are exercises using your arms and there are also exercises to relax. There are many exercises for many situations, in fact. Exercises during one or two minutes.

So, it doesn’t take a lot of time?

A practice of Indalo, you normally do it at home, and you use 5 to 10 minutes. It is not a gym, it can not substitute your normal exercises, it is exercises specially for your brain.


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