• The Indalo Codex is, just as the term ‘codex’ suggests: a manuscript that recompiles, knowledge that rather than being ancient, it belongs to the Universal realms where neither time nor space exist. It has an incalculable value that affects all fields of existence.
• It is an ‘Ethic and Moral Code’ inspired by the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, that serves as a guide to those humans that believe that the purpose of their lives is to live happily in peace, practicing benevolence as something that is inherent to who they are.
• The ‘Indalo Codex’ is a practical self aid manual for personal a social growth. It is another brick in the Universal Construction for a ‘Peace Culture’ promoted by ‘The Peace Culture Foundation’ presided, since 2000 by the former General Director of The UNESCO, Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, to whom we thank for having written the prolog to ‘The Indalo Codex’.
• It is a ‘Bio-Psycho and Socio Therapeutic Manual’ that resolves the difficulties one may find to implement the formula for ‘Positive Thinking’ skillfully, but not sufficiently, described by authors of all times from different parts of the world such as:
-Dr, Norman Vincent Peale, founder of the ‘Self- Help Movement’, author of ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ and another 45 books, or
-Louise L. Hay, author of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ and ‘The Power Is within You’ amongst other very useful Self Help books.
* The ‘Indalo Codex’ has taken into account:
1.-The difficulties many find in the application of the formula described by authors like Hay, and
2.-The undesirable effects that can arise with the incorrect use of the formula, due to the fact that most people ignore the existence and nature of ‘The Universal Laws’ under which it works, described by the father of ‘Hermetism’: Hermes Trismegistus and disseminated by metaphysicians such as the historical Count of Saint Germain.
* The ‘Indalo Codex’ is a compendium of Mantras (benevolent messages; affirmations; positive thoughts; decrees) that have been carefully studied to make sure that they are in harmony with the Powerful Universal Laws.

It may seem ‘simplistic’ to offer 3000 already formulated ‘positive decrees’ for every imaginable case but these ‘affirmations’ or ‘mantras’ are precisely THE SOUL OF THE “INDALO CODEX”.

The reason why this book was conceived was:
1.-So that everyone, independently of their grammatical, intellectual, spiritual or metaphysical knowledge, could apply the formula proposed by Louise L. Hay and those provided by countless authors that followed Dr. Peale; and
2.-Above all : so that everyone could apply The Universal Laws, safely. These are infallible laws that must be practiced very carefully in order to reach the desired effects. For this reason each of the 3000 decrees has been revised many times, meticulously, to tune perfectly into the best formula for each case. Every one ‘Mantra’, ‘Benevolent Message’, ‘decree’, or ‘affirmation’ points at an objective that may seem easy to formulate by those amongst us that have studied grammar and metaphysics, but they may not be correctly formulated by those that have only studied grammar. Traditional scientific beliefs can block the use of our mind inducing mistaken formulations and consequently undesired effects.

  *’The Indalo Codex’ is a treaty to awaken the conscience ‘of those who are yet asleep’ to the true and higher Self, that is beyond Quantum Physics: it is a treaty for those beings that are already aware that they are Universal, that their essence is beyond earthly limitations, beyond the explanations of traditional science and that want to integrate ‘The Indalo Codex’ into their lives as a ‘Life Philosophy’.
In our busy lives we seldom stop to ask ourselves all the possible consequences of our thoughts, attitudes or actions. We may just no realize how important it is, how much we need to stop and ask ourselves this simple question. This is what The ‘Indalo Codex’ is about. It reminds us that we need to know that we are creators, continuously creating with our minds. We need to know how our mind works subject to The Universal Laws and that by knowing them we can take control of our lives. By being aware of their existence and constant influence we will be aware that ‘The all is MIND; The Universe is Mental’, we will learn that ‘Our mind creates our reality’, and thus, if we can control our mind we will be able to create the reality we want to live in. We can learn to deprogram and reprogram our minds freely and consciously to neutralize all those things that afflict us in our daily lives. We can then attract the things that make us feel happy and harmonious to our lives and to our environment with positive thoughts, words, actions and attitudes.
*’The Indalo Codex’ invites us to reflect, to become aware of our true SELF, that SELF that is beyond our ego, beyond the self that we have constructed or that others have constructed (our family and its codes, our school and its rules, our society and its double moral, the mass media, the people around us that influence our lives for different reasons…). It invites the true SELF (the spiritual) to observe and to listen to the constructed SELF (the physical) forged by material experience, and to ask that physical SELF it is taking the straightest or quickest paths to the desired ‘happiness’.
*The ‘Indalo Codex’ arises in the context of a new conscience that is awakening in the human being. Millions of people all over the planet concur in their reasoning concerning existence, with no previous contact, manifesting a mass ‘synchronicity’. Millions of people, of men and women, brought up in different countries, of different races, with different creeds and religions, feel that the Universe is one sole interactive organism, like a body, in which each cell, each particle, each individual being, has influence on the wellness of the whole. They feel co-responsible: of humanity, as a whole; for everything happening to the planet and to all the elements that coexist with it.

They know that what they think, say and do has transcendent consequences for all the planet and most immediately for their own lives. They may not have studied the Laws that rule the Universe but the ‘know’ them. They can be extracted from popular sayings and ancient proverbs. That knowledge lies in between the lines of the books found in libraries, in the ancient texts of famous Philosophers, Mathematicians, Scientists, and writers. They are stated in all the sacred texts. When we read the books where these Laws are encoded our souls recognize them. Our hearts leap on remembrance. They are Laws that exist since the beginning of time, only that some human beings have strived to conceal them and keep them forgotten to common mortals; they have ignored them, reinvented them or reinterpreted them. Some humans have given them secret implementations to obtain political, economic or military achievements: presidents of world governments, presidents of multinational companies, military generals and scientists serving the latter. The ‘Indalo Codex’ is directed to all of these in the same way as it is to all independent subjects offering to help them to adopt thoughts, words, actions and attitudes for PEACE: ( peace talks, flexibility, respect for self determination, equity, solidarity…). Our thoughts, words, actions and attitudes can help to make each and every being on the entire planet live in peace, with dignity and well being.
The laws that rule the Universe have been described at length by specialists of every branch of ‘knowledge’ such as the sciences, philosophy, religion and metaphysics. Scientists have traditionally tried to understand the physical Universe to conquer it and submit it -as much as possible- to the material needs of human kind. Philosophers have tried to explain the origins of the Universe and to interpret its history to answer existential questions such as, Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Why? Monotheist religions have answered these questions throughout history assuring there is a creator of all, that they call GOD, Allah, or Jehovah or whatever…and in many cases is said to be a fearsome being that will judge our acts when we die. Lastly, metaphysicians believe that everything in existence –including the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms-, -including all the elements: water, fire, earth, air, metal and ether-, -including the ‘seemingly’ empty space in-between everything-, is one only being experiencing itself; everything is one being in action. They believe that the primary source of that only being is Universal Vital Energy that could be described as‘Energy of unconditional LOVE’. It is an invisible energy –to most people- that connects all the parts of the Universal Whole and that is impregnating and intercommunicating all the visible with the invisible.
Uncountable contemporary authors all around the world are becoming aware of The Absolute, of the Universal Conscience and of the existence of Universal Laws described at the beginning of time by the father of Hermetic Wisdom: Hermes Trismegistus.
The Seven Hermetic Principles or Seven Universal Laws are:
VI. THE PRINCIPLE OF CAUSE AND EFFECT (It is also known as the Law of Attraction and has been widely spread by Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’)

I.-THE PRINCIPLE OF MENTALISM: states that ‘The ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental’. Gautama Buddha expressed this law saying that ‘what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind’.
We often say that ‘we see things depending on the color of the glass we are looking through’, or ‘things only have the importance we give to them’. In ‘The Kyballion’ by Three Iniciates, it says that : ‘Mind, as all metals and other elements, can be transmuted, from one stae to another, from one degree to another, form one condition to another, from one pole to the other, and from one vibration to another. The true Hermetic Transmutation is a practice, a method, a mental art’. This art of Mental Transmutation is the art that we are practicing when we do the Indalo Exercises following the Method described in the ‘Indalo Codex’.
II. – THE PRINCIPLE OF CORRESPONDENCE: states that: ‘As above, so below; as below so above’, The Kyballion.
It is a principle of Universal Use in the mental plane of existence, in the spiritual plane (of higher vibration) and in the physical plane(of lower vibration).
In ‘The Indalo Codex’ all the planes in the cosmos have been taken into consideration. This is the reason why each mantra is repeated 3 times, each time the mantra is directed to the mental, spiritual and physical dimensions of being.

III.-THE PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION: states that: ‘Nothing is still; everything moves; everything vibrates’, The Kyballion.

The ‘Indalo Codex’ offers the keys for the individual person to control his or her own vibrations in the three planes, learning how to control the mental vibrations and thus ones relationship with the rest of the Universe, learning how to manifest the best thing needed at the best time.
Learning how to use this principle applying it to mental phenomena gives the individual the power to polarize his or her mind in the degree that they wish to do so, obtaining a perfect control of his or her mental state. The Hermetic doctrine states that ‘Every manifestation of thought, emotion, reasoning, will, desire, or any other mental state, is accompanied by vibrations, part of which flow to the exterior and tend to affect the minds of others by means of induction’.
IV. THE PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY: According to this principle’ Everything is dual; everything has two poles; everything has a pair that is opposite to one another…The similar and the different are the same; what seems to be opposite is in truth identical in nature, only differing in the degree; the extremes touch each other…This principle encloses the truth that all things that are manifest have two aspects, two poles with innumerable degrees in between both extremes…This fact allows the transmutation of one mental state into another. Things of different nature cannot be transmuted, only those that are the same. (For example: Hate can be neutralized and transmuted into love, fear can be transmuted into confidence, sadness can be transmuted into joy, violence into peace, rage into forgiveness, cold into heat, etc). The Kyballion affirms that ‘Mental changes are produced by a shift in polarity, by sliding up or down the same scale’.
This is the principle most practiced with The Indalo Method. To transmute all the things that make our life unhappy or/and unhealthy into things that fill us with joy and empowerment.
V.-THE PRINCIPLE OF RHYTHM: affirms that ‘Everything flows and reflows, everything ascends and descends. The pendulum oscillation is manifest in all things. The distance reached moving to the right is the same as the one reached moving to the left; rhythm is the law of compensation according to which every action provokes a reaction’.
The ‘Indalo Codex’ proposes many ‘mantras’ or ‘benevolent messages’ to help one escape from this law. The method practiced is ‘Neutralization’.

VI. THE PRINCIPLE OR CAUSE AND EFFECT: affirms that ?Every cause has an effect; every effect has a cause’. This principle is known in India as the ‘Karma Law’. It is also known as ‘The Law of Attraction’. Popularly it was named ‘The boomerang Effect’, and by the saying: ‘We gather what we have sewn’.
The ‘Indalo Codex’ proposes thoughts, words, actions and attitudes that will make us receive in compensation that others think well of us, say good things about us, take good actions towards us and have good attitudes with us.

VII.- THE PRINCIPLE OF GENERATION: ‘Generation exists everywhere: everything has a masculine and feminine principle; generation is manifest in every dimension. It is THE PRINCIPLE OF CREATION.

Most learned people have never even heard of The Universal Laws described and practiced by scholars of Hermetism, and could easily formulate mistaken decrees achieving undesired results. This is the reason why Javier came to the conclusion that it was essential to provide already formulated decrees.

*The ‘Indalo Codex’ is a practical manual for all those that wish to go beyond the until now insurmountable Hermetic Frontiers, behind which Universal Wisdom was protected by secret societies, kept occult and restricted to a few. This Universal Wisdom was known by Knights Templar’s, Masons, Rosicrucian’s…by the highest hierarchies in all of the different religions.
*The ‘Indalo Codex’ is also an Exercise Book to achieve physical, mental and spiritual harmony with the Universal Healing Energy or Vital Energy, known and used by millenary cultures with therapeutic objectives. It is given different names by the different cultures. The Japanese call it KI and they capture it practicing CHI KUNG; they then give it a healing implementation by means of the Japanese therapeutic SHIATSU massage. The Chinese call it CHI and they receive it practicing TAI CHI. After capturing this energy, they can transmit it to other living beings, humans, animals or plants, with healing purposes, for their well being,, by means of REIKI or Healing by transmitting Universal Healing Energy through our heart and hands, or from a distance with the ‘Reiki Symbols’. The Turkish Dancing Dervishes capture the Universal Healing Energy as they turn, with one hand facing the heavens and the other the Earth to serve as a bridge intercommunicating the Earthly spectators with Heaven, the Universal Healing Energy. The Hindu’s call it PRANA and they communicate with it, and benefit from it, by practicing YOGA. Tibetans call it TSA and they explain at length how it flows in the Universe in between and inside every living thing, both animated and inanimate. For Tibetans holistic health is reached by practicing NYNGTHIGTSA LUNA, opening the heart by means of conscience energy. FENG SHUI bares in mind the FLOW of THE VITAL UNIVERSAL ENERGY in our homes and working places, to advise one concerning which is the best way to decorate, what is the best position and place to put our furniture, how to use different materials, etc, in order to keep the places where we live and work harmonious and healthy. ZEN DECORATION pursues the same goal. Different religions call this Energy: GOD. Quantum physicians are calling it TACHYON ENERGY. It is important to state that this Energy, once it has been attracted to us, it can be used for self healing, to heal others that have asked to be healed by it or to stimulate Integral Healing of all those that interact with us.
The ‘Indalo Codex’ proposes exercises to attract Universal Vital Energy as we stand in the basic Indalo Posture.
The ‘Indalo Codex’ is a manual for all those that wish to dive into the knowledge of the Quantum Universe, in which each infinitesimal or quantum particle of everything that is, has its own intelligence and its own evolution (as Danish ‘Martinus’ very well explains in his cosmos vision or as Japanese Masaru Emoto very well demonstrates in his ‘Water Messages’).
*The ‘Indalo codex’ is the result of ‘the Cosmos Vision of Javier’, acquired by means of his: curiosity, his capability to observe, to listen, to discern, to analyze, his social abilities to interact with people from whatever origin or belief, his cosmopolitan, universal and wise vision of the world, and, above all, his generous spirit that extracts the best of whatever or whomever he encounters. All this together with his natural creativity, his constancy and his perfectionism have materialized the book we are presenting today.
*The ‘Indalo Codex’ is A SACRED BOOK, absolutely respectful and admirable. Many years ago we asked the Iching or Book of Mutations, what was moving us to work on this book, that occupied all of Javier’s time (and much of my own). We wanted to know the effects that this work could have on existence and we were answered by the hexagram 39. In summary, it answered that ”IT IS A WORK FOR SALVATION”.

The ‘Indalo Codoex’ is a holistic book that integrates wisdom that embraces all fields of knowledge explaining how to put this wisdom in practice manifesting our wishes in the physical plane. Its objectives are similar to those of all the sacred books that have appeared throughout history. The contents are clearly of an ethic and moral nature, based on the conviction that personal, inter personal, national and international conflicts are solved when the individual beings go back to living by a set of values that is respectful to life. Its ethic code is comparable to that of the greatest philosophers of all times, such as in Plato’s “The Republic” or “The Nicomaco Ethics” of Aristoteles.
The ‘Indalo Codex’ encloses a philosophy of life that coincides in many aspects with that of “The Gatha” or “The Tao”, “The Tao Te King”, “The Gaghad HIta”.
‘The Indalo Codex’ is based on the wisdom of the Hermetic Treaties that have appeared in the past, such as “The Corpus Hermeticum”, “The Kyballion”, “The Very Holy Trinosophy” and Count Saint Germain’s “The Golden Book”.
‘The Indalo Codex’ reveals the knowledge of metaphysical authors of the last two centuries, such as Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Florence Scovel Shinn, Emmet Fox or Connie Méndez.
At present parts of the Universal and Ancestral Knowledge are being recovered and shared with the public by means of different literary genres. There are authors that transmit this wisdom to their readers by means of SELF HELP BOOKS. Amongst these we can find:
-Louise L. Hay, “Usted Puede Sanar su vida”
“El Poder está dentro de ti”
-Ekhardt Tolle, “The power of Now”
-Deepak Chopra, “The Power of thought”
– Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, “A Positive Mental Attitude”
-Dr. John F. Demartini, “Give thanks for Life”
-Tristan Llop, “You Decide”
-Jose Luis Bimbela “Instructions for happiness”

Psychologist experts on NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming); NLDP (Neurolinguistic Deprogramming) and NLRP (Neurolinguistic Reprogramming), also share formulas with the public that teach how to learn to have positive attitudes.

-James Redfield: ‘The ninth Revelation’, ‘The Tenth Revelation’, The Eleventh Revelation’
-Brian Weiss, “Many lives, many masters”
-Ramiro A.Calle, “The book of Serenity”
-Jorge Bucay, “Stories to think about”
-Anthony de Mello, “The Toad’s Prayer”

-Neale Donald Walsch, “Conversations with God” I,II, and III, “The New Revelations”
-Deepak Chopra “Bodiies without age , Minds without time”
-Foundation for Inner Peace, “Course on Miracles”

THE OBJECTIVE: In order to obtain integral health and well being for the individual, which will have a favorable repercussion on the integral health and well being of the individual’s environment, ‘The indalo Codex’ proposes:
1.-Conscience and voluntary Neurolinguistic reprogramming, practicing the ancestral techniques we have mentioned before. The most important of these is the repetition of ‘Mantras’ or ‘Messages’ formulated in the Present Tense (The future tense post pones results), in affirmative mode (our brain does not understand negative particles) and naming the positive outcome we wish for (we attract the things we are focused on –even if we don’t want them-). The Subject of our positive decrees must be the positive outcome we wish for ourselves. The Mantras or messages are to be repeated three times (once silently, once quietly and once out loud), three times a day and during three days (is usually enough to start materializing results). The silent decree works on our brain making us have an open attitude to receive what we are asking for. The quiet decree works on our spiritual, true self, connecting with our inner God that will guide us to doing what we have to do to obtain what we have asked for. The loud decree is directed to the physical world ordering it to remove all possible obstacles and to facilitate whatever it is we have asked for. The repetitions can also be said throughout the day randomly and as many days as one may feel the need to do so, or most relaxed and free to do so.
2. The Indalo Posture, of maximum openness, symbolizes our openness to receive the outcome we desire. The Universal Energy (Ki, Chi, Prana, Ishvara…) will flow easier to and through us, it will descend direct and linearly into the first chakra, the crown or Pai Hui, and continue descending to the second chakra, or Third Eye, then to the third chakra, at the height of our throat, then to the forth or heart chakra, then to the fifth or solar plexus, then to the sixth, the tantim chakra, an inch or so below our naval, then to the seventh or base chakra at the beginning of our spine. Lastly it will flow to the earth, to its centre, where the request will become the seed of materialization. when the energy flows up from the seed to the Earth’s surface again it will be giving shape, color, size, words, actions, attitudes, feelings, emotions, etc. in time and space to our wish.
3.- The Indalo Codex also recommends
That are to be practiced in the Indalo Posture:
STILL AND IN SILENCE OR PRACTICING INDALO GYMNASTICS OR INDALO YOGA AND INDALO MANTRAS (The verbalization of a wish as if it were already manifest in combination with physical movements that symbolize our desire)
Indalo Yoga or gymnastics are biological and psychological exercises to increase and conserve physical and mental agility. By practicing the physical exercises we move our tendons, connective tissues, our muscles and articulations.
Everything that has been mentioned together with the dietetic recommendations, the hygienic attitudes, the respectful, grateful and merciful attitudes result in having: