Exercise guide to relax, meditate, visualize and achieve

The book Indalo Codex puts at your disposal the millenarian method of guided meditation techniques of Yoga Indalo to activate the power of the mind to heal and achieve goals.


La postura de Indalo se usa desde hace miles de años para activar la ley de atracción

When practicing Indalo, we open ourselves physically and mentally to receive the best of life. 
It is the most powerful way to generate total intention and to attract to our lives what we think.


Exercise guide to relax, meditate, visualize and achieve

Advise for the use of these exercises.

The efficiency of The Indalo Method is completed with the practice of the exercises that act in physical and psychological aspects generating the total intention to reach our objectives successfully.

It is recommended to take the following norms into consideration:

– It is convenient to do The Indalo Posture feeling your body relaxed (If you are tense, you must breathe in deeply exhaling softly or you must do some stretching exercises).

– Do The Indalo Posture standing, with your knees a little bent and your pelvis curved slightly forwards.

– You can direct the lao-gung points, situated in the centre of the palms of your hands, towards the place or the object of your attention during the exercise.

– Do the exercises barefoot (If the temperature and the environmental conditions allow you to), using clothes made with natural fibres such as cotton, lignum, etc.

– Take off all the metal objects you may have on you (rings, chains, bracelets, watches, keys, mobile, etc.) because they may alter your energetic field.

– Be calm while you do the exercises. Take all the time you need for each practice and repeat as many times as you wish. The important thing is for the practice to be correct.

– It is recommended to stay in The Indalo Posture while you feel comfortable in it, and to rest when you feel you need to. Let your body relax after each exercise. When you feel tired you can do some stretching exercises, you can walk a little or just rest sitting down or lying down.

– Remember that you can reach the desired result with just one exercise

– Feel sure that your inner power interacts with the powers of The Universe to help you reach your objectives

– When you adopt The Indalo Posture, feel the vital energy flow in your mind, in your heart, in the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet, in all your skin and your body with all the perception of your senses and the dimensions of your being.

– The system of self development of The Indalo Method allows you to practice the exercises alone or together with others.

– You can also practice the exercises with a trainer or Indalo Master.

Index of exercises:

Index of exercises of the guide:

1. Meditate in the Universe

To become aware of our cosmic existence.

2. The Blue Breath of Air

Breathing exercise to relax and harmonize.

3. To Open Pathways

A visualization to reach objectives and overcome obstacles..

4. Meditation in the Milky Way

Receive the celestial energy of the galaxy.

5. Meditate with the rainbow

To obtain protection, prosperity and good luck..

6. Greeting to the Sun

To feel full of vitality and energy.

7. Fill The Chakras with Vital Energy

To reach positive effects over mental and physical health.

8. Meditate with the mountains

 To reach their magnetic fields for protection, strength, and good. health.

9. Self-healing exercise

To awaken or activate the mental powers that heal can us.

10. Bathe with The Stars

To have courage and light.

11. Meditate with the shadow

To awaken your mind to profound vision.

12. The Beat of The Earth: Fertility Meditation

To be open to receive in ourselves the seed of life.

13. The flight of the eagle

To see things from a higher and greater perspective and to become aware of our abilities and power.

14. Vibrational therapy

To let your energy flow; to generate positive changes in your life; and to attract the things that are good for you.

15. Meditate with Music and Dancing

To have a positive influence on our state of mind.

16. The Circle of Positive Energy

To generate positive energy that will benefit all the integrants of the circle or/and other beloved people.

17. The protecting Arch

To feel the power to repel unfavourable situations and negative things.

18. Breathing The Om

To give an healing massage to all the organs in our body connecting us to The Universe.

19. The ear light flame

It is a meditation that improves our intuition, our wisdom and our mental clarity.

20. Breathe Beauty In

To fills ourselves with harmony and inner beauty. It also improves our sensitivity and our pleasure to see beauty.

21. The Indalo Embrace

To communicate; to create empathy; and to transmit vital energy.

22. The Four Coins of Prosperity

To demonstrate our gratitude to The Universe for all the abundance in life. We become channels for prosperity and wealth.

23. I Greet in harmony all the relations I have in The Seven Directions

To harmonize all my relations: the direct, the indirect, the near and the far away.

24. Put Things in Order

To become aware of order, equilibrium and efficiency.

25. Playing with The Waves

To loosen the body and the mind making us feel spontaneous and well

26. Awaken a Positive State of Mind

To evoke the energy and the enthusiasm of brilliant or successful situations lived in our past and apply them to our present tasks.

27. Meditate with The Wind

To clear sad emotions; disturbing memories; blockades; fears; and harmful habits, out of our mind.

28. I Get Up and Out of Any Situation

To have the mental strength to get out of any complicated situation

29. Harmonize your Aura

To restore energy to our body and harmonize our aura improving its powerful protecting qualities.

30. Move the Energy

To activate our blood circulation improving the functions of all our organs; to moves stagnant energies; and renew them with fresh energy.

31. Bow to The Universe

To acknowledge our gratitude to life and to every favourable situation that makes it possible.

32. Mantra for The Pregnant Woman

To communicate with the baby and to send it love, positive intention and vital energy to help it grow strong and healthy during pregnancy.

33. Calm The Waters
To relax and get rid of tensions inside or outside of you.

34. Bathing Mantra
To connect with the healing energy of water; to generate health, well-being, and joy.

35. Moon Bath

To get the energizing power of moon light and its stimulant influences for inner force and to have the wisdom to make good decisions

36. Turn with The Universe
To meditate in motion remembering that we are part of the perfect machinery of The Universe and that we revolve harmoniously with it.

37. Blessings of The Earth and The Sky
To feel the powerful energies of the Earth and the Sky and get ready to receive its blessings.

38 Recite Messages in The Indalo Posture
To awaken your Inner Power with the energy obtained by invoking what you want with your mind, voice and body.

39. Heal from a Distance
To generate a benevolent intention and a healthy way of thinking and to send vital energy to heal or improve the life of others.

40. Drawing Indalos
The Indalo Figure has been used traditionally as a protecting symbol that attracts good luck, health prosperity, fertility and joy.

Drawing Indalo Figures with The Nose
To loosen the joints in your neck. It improves the flexibility of the neck and it develops intuition.

41. Meditate with Fire
To become aware of our reality and the continuous change in our circumstances. It purifies us preparing our mind to make beneficial changes in our lives.

42. Meditate with Water and Fire
To relax, to eliminate stress with the purifying energies of water and fire; and to free the mind from obsessive thoughts and tensions.

43. Visualize and Materialize
To attract the things we want or need to our lives, concentrating our mind on the desired objective, visualizing it as if it were real and already present.

44. The Warrior
To focus your mind on awakening your inner power and your will to reach anything you wish.

45. My Inner Magnetism
To activate your magnetic inner power attracting the things you want in your life for your well-being and prosperity.

46. Overcome obstacles
To take away the thoughts in our mind that impede us from reaching the well-being and happiness we want in our lives; and to have the necessary energy to reach joy and mental clarity.

47. Embracing a Tree
To connect harmoniously with Nature; and too feel full of the energy trees transmit.

48. The Flow of Life
To generate the positive awareness that everything flows harmoniously in our lives and that our circumstances make us keep going.

49. Love and Forgive
To eliminate feelings of guilt, rancour, hate and resent towards ourselves and to others. It helps to have inner harmony that is manifest in health, satisfaction and joy.

50. Drawing The Curtains
To overcome disagreeable situations, get rid of painful memories and eliminate obsessive, disturbing or negative thoughts.

51. The Five Pointed Star
It is a powerful way to attract and to send vital energy. It helps to be deeply relaxed and to become aware that you are a being of light that shines and interacts in The Universe.

52. To Attract Success and Good Luck
To create a positive attitude to reach all our objectives successfully.

53. Sowing the Seeds of Benevolence
To be sure that we are sowing benevolent thoughts and generating good actions that will provide us with divine fruits.

54. Harmonize Emotions
To get well-being and the sensation of freedom when our emotions are hurting us<; and to acquire self-control and good reason.

55. The Bowl of Abundance
To be open to receive and to offer the best things in life and to enjoy sharing.

56. Clean, Order and Meditate
To turns the common daily clearing and tidying up activity into a spiritual exercise in which we clean ourselves inside and we put order in our mind.

57. Reciting I N D A L O
It is a self-healing exercise that invokes the healing powers that are within us. It activates the circulation of vital energy in the head, throat and heart chakras.

58. Bless Your Work
To learn how to have fun with your work becoming aware that honourable and well done work is a contribution for a better world, favouring prosperity and making you grow spiritually.

59. Creating Magic
To awaken the magical intention within us to create favourable situations for us. We get the beneficial power to attract harmony to our lives.

60. Send Love
To turn into a spiritually elevated being that is capable of sending love to others for their well-being and good, no matter how far away they are.

61. Inner Power
To develop inner power, mental clarity, reason and wisdom.

62. Bless The Table
To generate the feeling of gratitude towards the beings that serve us as food and to acknowledges the work of all those that made it possible to enjoy the food we have on our table. This exercise also creates a feeling of affection and communion with our fellow diners.

63. Awakening to a New Day
To be prepared to face each day with a positive state of mind and attitude.

64. Find True Love
To invoke true love and attract it irresistibly to our lives.

65. Recollecting Good Fruits
To encourage us to have a positive and receptive attitude to obtain good results in all of our enterprises


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Download PDF with Exercises of the Indalo Codex Method


Indalo’s posture with extended arms and legs aligns us geometrically in the “divine proportion” also called “sacred geometry”, “golden ratio” or Fibonacci frequency.

The powerful Indálica posture together with the “messages of the Indalo” referred to the integral health are the base of the psychophysical exercises that conform the indalo method. These simple exercises train the mind with a positive, benevolent and efficient thought to generate the total intention that allows us to achieve good objectives.

The book Inadalo Codex de Xaveirio is not intended to replace the advice or prescriptions of a professional or professional therapist. If you have a health problem or suspect it, consult your doctor or therapist


The Indalo method has been successfully applied to many vital situations: health, business and prosperity, finding work, love, in sports, to make changes, overcome addictions, losses, stress, depressed mood and to generate to adopt mental attitudes healthy This method offers energy alternative therapies, psychophysical exercises very easy to learn and practice that help to relax, to lift positive mood and to visualize objectives. It is demonstrated that a positive mood helps to heal and reach any goal that we set. Therefore it is a manual that can be consulted by high competition coaches, elite athletes, managers, coaches, psychologists, doctors, therapists, NLP specialists, leaders, politicians, educators and anyone who wants to improve both at the private level as a professional and social level. We present surprising testimonials from individuals who have experienced the effectiveness of Indalo exercises.


método Indalo Codex meditaciones y yoga

Indalo’s posture with arms outstretched and legs apart represents the balance, openness and fullness of the human being

Indalo’s posture frames the human body in a five-pointed star. This figure has been considered since ancient times as having extraordinary qualities. The position of the Indalo, standing with legs and arms open, was considered in ancient times the highest expression of divine proportion. In this posture, the human body describes a five-pointed star or pentagram, symbol of the totality, of the union of the feminine and the masculine, of the earthly and the celestial. For the Pythagoreans, the pentagram is a symbol of living harmony and health. For the alchemists, cabalists and magicians of the Middle Ages, it is the symbol of the microcosm, that is, the physical and astral aspects of the human being. Likewise, the 5-pointed star is found in many organic structures of living beings such as starfish and numerous flowers and vegetables. The position of the Indalo is the maximum opening that the human being can adopt, in this way we adopt the sacred geometry, open to receive the goods and blessings that life offers us. With this attitude, we increase our consciousness, discovering that within us there is a source of wisdom. We can perceive that we carry information from the origin of the Universe and that we form a unit with all the elements that compose it. We belong to a living Universe in which all the parts are related and interact with each other, forming a multidimensional hologram. Indalo’s posture is used with semi-flexed legs and slightly tilted pelvis as a starting point for some movements of the millennial Chi-Kung and Chinese Taichi: the art of flowing harmoniously the vital energy, to achieve health, vitality, agility, longevity and conscience.


Método Indalo Codex para la salud integral

Adoptar la postura de Indalo es una forma de alinear y hacer fluir los canales de energía


The Indalo Posture is also used to represent the Macrocosmic Orbit Chi-jing ba-mai: the energy that circulates to all parts of the body through the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. It is the powerful posture that attracts and captures the “cosmic Chi” or vital energy. In yoga asanas, which aims to unify body and mind through a combination of breathing exercises, stretching and meditation, we find Indalo’s posture as a powerful form of bodily invocation.

When we recite the messages, do a practice or perform the exercises in the Indalo posture, we are asking the Universe to materialize our desires with a “total intention”, which is generated by invoking with the body, with the voice, with the mind and spirit. All the senses, all the dimensions of being, unite their powers and potentialities to help us achieve our goals.


The seven main chakras are important centers that receive and transform vital energy. They are located in: the crown of the 7th, between the eyebrows the 6th, in the throat the 5th, in the center of the chest the 4th, in the solar plexus the 3rd, under the navel the 2nd, and in the base of the trunk the 1º. The pose of the Indalo geometrically aligns our energy field, attracting the cosmic and terrestrial life energies. The extended hands, orienting them in the direction you want, through the lao-gung points located in the center of both palms, have the ability to attract and send energy. Also, the soles of the feet with their yun-chuan points fulfill a similar function. Adopt Indalo’s posture, increase our inner power and empower our attitude to be open to receive in our lives all the abundance and protection that the Universe can offer us: peace, love, prosperity, health, wisdom, joy, beauty and harmony. It also means having your feet on the ground and loving and respecting the planet that gives us life.


By adopting the Indalo position we feel that we are in connection with nature’s information fields (Morphogenetic Fields), to evolve as individuals and as Humanity.We learn to develop, with our powerful mind, multiple faculties that are asleep or insufficiently activated. We acquire the certainty that we can mold a healthy personality, individual and differentiated, from which all our best qualities emerge. We feel we have the capacity and the power to contribute to creating a healthy and pleasant world, uniting our benevolent intentions.

Indalo Codex psychophysical exercises for integral health meditations and self-help yoga

Indalo Codex psychophysical and guided meditation exercises have a natural, symbolic, psychological sense that unlocks stagnant energies, calms emotions, motivates intellectually and satisfies the spirit.

The book Indalo Codex puts at your disposal the secret of esotericism of Indalo, so you can benefit from its extraordinary effects for health and personal development.

The Indalo is a schematic rock drawing, a pictogram of the universal man that contains holistic information for integral health, harmony, sustainable prosperity, love and PEACE.

The open position of the Indalo represents the fullness of being, it is the antenna posture to activate the law of attraction. Physical openness helps mental openness and is essential in Indalo Codex breaths, meditations and practices.

Exercises, meditations and yoga with the elements earth, air, water and fire. As well as other exercises that are performed in nature, meditating in the sea, contemplating the sky, in the mountains or before them, looking at the stars, the moon, the sunrise or sunset, etc.

The movements, meditations, postures and breaths form a kind of soft and therapeutic self-help yoga for all ages that captures the vital energy of nature to heal, have energy and well-being.

Learn to meditate on nature and awaken the power of the mind to heal itself, to attract favorable situations and to achieve goals that improve your life and the lives of others.

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