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Libros autoayuda, yoga terapéutico, meditación guiada y superación personal que enseña cómo meditar y activar el poder de la mente, afirmaciones positivas, pensamientos positivos, frases positivas cortas, autor Xaverio.

Indalo Codex Book

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Book index:



I. open to receive

Ii. Enhance positive attitude

III. Physical and mental health

IV. Social health

V. economic health and prosperity

VI. Spiritual health

VII. Enviromental health

VIII Faculties and talents

Exercise guide


Code for the integral health of women and men universal

The Indalo Codex is a book of self-improvement, self-help and positive thoughts that advises psychophysical exercises and teaches how to meditate to activate the power of the mind to heal and achieve goals.

The book Indalo Codex is a practical method of self healing, development and personal and social growth for people who believe in happiness and seek it.

The objective of the holistic book Indalo Codex is to make available to everyone the universal wisdom that the Indalo code drawing holds for the integral health of the earth and its inhabitants.

In the book Indalo Codex and in the subsequent research I have done for 10 years, I have put in an accessible and practical way the techniques of healing implied and represented in a synthetic way in the drawings of the Indalo in all its variants, from the Vitruvian Man to the prehistoric schematic drawings of Vélez Blanco and chercos from Almería, Spain or the representations of the Zuni Indians of New Mexico USA and other prehistoric rock drawings found all over the world


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