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Code for the integral health of women and men universall

The Indalo Codex is a book of self-improvement, self-help and positive thoughts that advises psychophysical exercises and teaches how to meditate to activate the power of the mind to heal and achieve goals.

The INDALO CODEX book is a practical self healing method, development and personal and social growth for people who believe in happiness and seek it.

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Libros autoayuda, yoga terapéutico, meditación guiada y superación personal que enseña cómo meditar y activar el poder de la mente, autor Xaverio, editorial Sirio.

Only by practicing Indalo can you understand its real meaning, you can discover your own mental power to improve your life and that of others.

Thematic index



I. Open to receive

II. Enhance positive attitude

III. Physical and mental health

IV. Social health

V. Economic health and prosperity

VI. Spiritual health

VII. Enviromental health

VIII. Faculties and talents

Exercis guide



Psychophysical guided meditation exercises

The exercises and meditations of the Indalo Codex method are natural, simple, effective, brief, easy to learn and enjoyable to practice by children and adults. They aim to adopt positive attitudes to improve comprehensive health that encompasses mental health, physical health, spiritual health, social health, environmental health and economic health. They are considered dynamic meditations because they use movement, conscious breathing and positive affirmations of what we want to achieve, so that the subconscious internalizes them and visualizes them through repetition.

Indalo Codex therapeutic yoga

Yoga and meditation Indalo is a technique of openness of the self that generates consciousness, self-esteem, total intention, motivation and the willpower necessary to materialize defined goals.

The schematic drawings of Indalo represent the oldest form of therapeutic Yoga, since they symbolize the unity of the body, the mind, the spirit in harmony with the natural environment and with the universe. Posture or asana del Indalo with open arms has been used from our origins to invoke the Universe the health, wisdom, prosperity and fertility of the Earth and its people.

Yoga Indalo Codex uses healing thinking, positive affirmations and guided meditation to encourage the immune system to optimize its functions: to increase defenses if it has low defenses and to react efficiently to antigens to eliminate them and maintain homeostasis. In the case of respiratory allergies and allergic asthma, instructions are used to breathe well and to generate tolerance to pollen , dust, mites and other allergens in the air, for emotional asthma and bronchial asthma. Guided meditations are also done to harmonize emotions. that may have been somatized in the breath.

The techniques of meditation are adapted specifically to many pathologies, whether physical or psychological.

The book Indalo Codex is a practical coaching course

Coaching is a personalized training process through a set of techniques that help to fill the gap between where a person is now and where they want to be. It helps personal development by raising awareness, generating responsibility and building self-confidence. The Indalo Codex is a powerful tool for people to get the best of themselves in everything they want. Each exercise or meditation is a guided training with its step by step to facilitate easy learning and quick results.

The Indalo Codex method can be used for private, professional, business and integral health issues. Indalo Codex guided meditations generate goals, objectives and the total intention to achieve them.

Indalo Codex is a holistic book of anthropology, metaphysics and culture of peace

The holistic book Indalo Codex documents the origins and deciphers the transcendent meanings of prehistoric rock art called the Indalo. See full explanation ).

The book Indalo Codex puts at the disposal of the readers the cosmovision and the valuable metaphysical information that the Indalo contains implicit about the being and its causes, presented to facilitate its comprehension and practical application in book format of natural philosophy, book of naturopathy, book of self-help, personal improvement book and mental control method.

The Indalo Codex has many facets is also a practical book of metaphysics that speaks of the fullness of Being is Integral Health and teaches keys of wisdom to understand and build reality, achieve comprehensive health, give meaning to life and face the life with simplicity and joy.

The symbol of the Universal Man and the Universal Woman

The prehistoric schematic drawings of the Indalo coincide in their essence with Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the man from Vitruvius who represents the sacred geometry and is considered the symbol of the universal man.

When practicing Indalo we open our arms and separate our legs adopting the antenna posture of the human body, which is the most efficient way to intentionally connect with the quantum information fields of nature called morphogenetic or akashic records. By adopting the open posture we feel in unity and harmony with the Universe open to receive the vital energy and inspiration of the universe.

Indalo Codex is not intended to replace the diagnosis or the prescriptions of your doctor

The method provides a positive attitude, positive thinking and psycho-immune exercises of guided meditation that help in a coadjuvant way the natural processes of self-healing or self-healing of many diseases. This method does not replace the diagnosis or treatment prescribed by your doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist. Although the techniques of meditation, relaxation and visualization of health goals of Yoga Indalo complement in a coadjuvant way the treatment, medication or the therapy that you use.

For the past 10 years, Indalo Codex psychophysical exercises have been used in the field of clinical psychology and in psychoimmunology as support techniques for respiratory allergies and asthma. Many people have given their testimony of how they have managed to improve their quality of respiratory life with this method.Yoga and meditation are millenary techniques that have achieved recognition in many studies its effectiveness. A great advantage of the Yoga Indalo Codex is its simplicity and effectiveness which allows beginners without experience to learn the exercises and meditations with great ease from the first time they practice them.

The book Indalo Codex proposes a philosophy of life based on respect for Human Rights, integral health and the common good.

The book aims to achieve comprehensive health that involves physical health, mental health, spiritual health, social health, environmental health and economic health.

The survival of the human being requires positive attitudes and thoughts that favor the health of the body and the mind.

As we are absolutely part of the environment, we have to breathe the air, drink the water and feed on what the mother earth produces, for that reason we must assume the responsibility of protecting the ecology and the environment. We must coexist and cohabit in a sustainable and respectful way between ourselves and with the life of this planet.

Social health is based on Peace, on prosperity, on the tolerance that is achieved when we respect Human Rights and work together for the planetary Common Good.


The book Indalo Codex has 2964 numbered positive messages that set goals on many aspects of life, to these messages are added others of the original manuscript until reaching 3084 messages that can be used as the mantras, also contains 62 lessons with their exercises guided meditation of Yoga Indalo. This allows the user to use the Indalo Codex as an oracle book that can be consulted at random by opening it, thinking of a number of a message or a teaching, using a search word in the search engine related to what you want, or touching on any Aztec calendar area that we have designed with the content of the book. The oracle is a fun, different and interesting way to consult the book Indalo Codex.

Indalo Codex is one of the best books of self-help, self-improvement and personal development that you can consult consult online and free.

The Indalo is an example of how the ancient world can teach something useful and valuable for the Universal Good and for the survival of the human being. A universal wisdom engraved on the rocks by our ancestors so that thousands of years later we can benefit.

The techniques of this method are based on wise, benevolent and efficient thinking. The exercises and guided meditations have the effectiveness of the natural, of the simple, of the simple and of the adequate.

The practice only requires a few minutes, it is very effective, it is pleasant and its effects are noticed from the beginning.

You can consult online the two free books, Indalo Codex ebooks and the Exercise Guide.


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