Explanation of the Indalo Codex

Indalo Codex personal improvement book for comprehensive health and wellness

The objective of the holistic book Indalo Codex is to make available to everyone the universal wisdom that the Indalo code drawing holds for the integral health of the Earth and its inhabitants.

In the book Indalo Codex and in the subsequent research I have done for 10 years, I have put in an accessible and practical way the techniques of healing implied and represented in a synthetic way in the drawings of the Indalo in all its variants, from the Vitruvian Man to the prehistoric schematic drawings of Vélez Blanco and Chercos of Almeria, Spain or the representations of the Zuni Indians of New Mexico USA and other prehistoric rock drawings found all over the world.

The esoteric symbol Indalo

En el libro Indalo Codex se habla de la interacción armónica del ser humano en el universo

The Indalo represents an open being with a bow on the extended arms that symbolizes the celestial vault, the Milky Way or a rainbow. It is the harmonious interaction of the human being with his surroundings, conscious of his universal dimension.

The Indalo is the universal man and woman in fullness or integral health.

When looking at the drawing of the Indalo, we ask ourselves with the heart that integral health is the figure that inspires us answers.

Integral Health poses attitudes and ethical principles that the human being has to assume and put into practice. It is the health of the body, of the mind, of society, of the environment and sustainable economic health and respectful of human beings and nature.

The Indalo is a coded message from our ancestors so that we preserve our essence as human beings and seek the Universal Common Good that is to live in PEACE with integral health.

By practicing indalo we awaken the power of the mind to achieve goals of all kinds that benefit us and others.

Open mind

Indalo’s open stance favors mental openness and awakens the power of the mind to heal, make positive changes and evolve. This position converts the human body into sacred geometry, it is the antenna posture that activates the law of attraction, it is the ancestral way of invoking the health and fertility of the earth and its people.

The Indalo Codex is a practical method for personal and social development.

The Indalo Codex uses exercises, meditations and yoga to awaken the power of the mind to heal and achieve goals.

The Indalo Codex opens the lips of this thousand-year-old wisdom for all ears that want to understand it.

The purpose of this blog is to offer this valuable Indalo legacy in several languages, so that the greatest number of people can benefit and humbly contribute to the integral health, the common good, the ecology and the culture of Peace.

It is my desire that the blog Indalo Codex be useful to you and that you find answers and solutions.



-> How this book came about

When I arrived in Taos, New Mexico, in September of 2002, I settled in a beautiful little house-studio …

-> How the Indalo Method works

“The Indalo Method” is based on psychophysical exercises that are performed mainly in the most open position …

-> The Indalo drawing-code

The schematic figure of Indalo is a hieroglyph that represents a human standing with legs and arms open …

-> Origins and Rites of Indalo

The figure of the Indalo represents a man with his legs and arms open, holding a bow between his hands …

-> The Posture of the Indalo

The position of the Indalo, standing with legs and arms open, was considered in ancient times the highest expression of the divine proportion …

-> Variations of the position of the Índalo

The position of the Índalo represents the opening of the body and the mind and has been used as a powerful form of invocation and connection with the universe from our origin as human beings …

-> Recommendations for the use of Indalo’s posture

Although there is use of Indalo’s posture with semi-flexed legs and pelvis tilted in some movements of Chi-kung and Taichi ..

-> Exercises, breaths and meditations of the Indalo Method

There are exercises and meditations with the elements earth, air, water and fire …

-> Positive thinking, wise, benevolent and efficient

The internal alchemy of the messages of the Indalo method is based on the advantages that think, speak and act with wisdom, efficiency, positivity and benevolence …

-> The Messages of the Indalo

Indalo Messages are short phrases that when recited they vibrate like mantras inside and outside of us …

-> How to use “Indalo messages”

The INDALO METHOD contains a series of specific messages for different topics or situations …